September 30 -
October 6, 2024

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Active Aging Week offers free materials to support your campaign success. Developed over time, this resource library offers guidance for planning and delivery of your events. Materials are provided as PDFs, jpegs, PowerPoints and Word documents.



Active Aging Week takes place each year to celebrate aging and promote the benefits of healthy aging on a national scale. The campaign inspires people to see the potential of later life by showcasing the capabilities of older adults. Discover the opportunity of Active Aging Week sponsorship.

Campaign sponsor

We invite you to support Active Aging Week to encourage positive experiences and messages aimed at helping change the way people age, as well as the way aging is viewed. Show your consumers/clients how much you care about people leading full, vibrant and active lives as they age. Gain visibility through all promotional efforts by the campaign organizer, International Council on Active Aging (ICAA). And promote a theme day with resources that support your campaign vision. Make a difference and positively impact your business as an Active Aging Week sponsor.

Investment: $7,800
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Media sponsor

Give visibility to Active Aging Week as a media sponsor, and connect your readers or viewers with efforts not only to change the way people age today, but also to change the way society views aging. Gain visibility through all promotional efforts by campaign organizer ICAA. And generate positive public relations with older readers and viewers妖evoted consumers of print and broadcast media's reinforcing your commitment to them.

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