September 30 -
October 6, 2024


Celebrating aging and the benefits of active living at any age, Active Aging Week showcases the capabilities of older adults as fully participating members of society. This campaign also spotlights role models that lead the way. Learn how you can join with thousands of Active Aging Week supporters to help change the way we age.


Acts Retirement-Life Communities

Tell us what you did during Active Aging Week to redefine the term "Active."

Acts Retirement-Life Communities, Northeast Region redefined active aging with their annual OlympiActs event. More than 150 residents from six communities (Fort Washington Estates, Gwynedd Estates, Spring House Estates, Southampton Estates, Normandy Farms Estates and Brittany Pointe Estates) competed in ten competitive events. OlympiActs if a full day of fast paced contests, friendly competition, food and entertainment. Athletes from each community brought their supporters and mascots to fly their colors and cheer them on in Bocce, Shuffleboard, Wheel of Fortune, Billiards, Women's and Men's Ping Pong, Mini Golf, Walking Relay, Total Brain Health, Wii Bowling, and Horseshoes. Each community put their best foot forward to bring home the Bronze, Silver or Gold medal. Whether they won the medal or not, all the residents brought home the real prize of fellowship, fun, competition, engagement, concentration, skill, and lots of exercise.