September 30 -
October 6, 2024


Celebrating aging and the benefits of active living at any age, Active Aging Week showcases the capabilities of older adults as fully participating members of society. This campaign also spotlights role models that lead the way. Learn how you can join with thousands of Active Aging Week supporters to help change the way we age.


Wellmore of Daniel Island

Tell us what you did during Active Aging Week to redefine the term "Active."

Residents celebrated Active Aging Week with "Wellness through the Decades". The week started with a Fine Motor Skills Art Class that helped us discover the importance of these skills in a wellness setting. While working on our paintings, residents and our Wellness Team discussed the three types learning styles: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. Our Wellness Team takes these into consideration when building wellness goals with our residents to ensure success. The next day we worked through a variety of stretches while listening to popular music from this decade. After, residents sat back and sipped on Mint Juleps! Then we flew our way to the 1950's with a classic Calisthenic Program! Our residents had a blast movin' and groovin' to some of their favorite songs. Our final day of Active Aging Week was spent reflecting for our residents. The seven dimensions of Wellness are, Physical, Intellectual, Environmental, Emotional, Occupational, Spiritual & Social! We had an amazing day learning the importance of emotional & social wellness Each were asked to think about "What Brings You Joy?" Our Members continue to bring smiles to one another and each of our staff members. Cheers to an amazing Active Aging Week and our amazing Members!