October 1 - 7, 2019

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Celebrating aging and the benefits of active living at any age, Active Aging Week showcases the capabilities of older adults as fully participating members of society. This campaign also spotlights role models that lead the way. Learn how you can join with thousands of Active Aging Week supporters to help change the way we age.


Nutrition for strength and energy


The 2015 World Health Organization (WHO) report on aging and health defines the ultimate goal of healthy aging as fostering functional ability.1 Strength and energy play key roles in functional ability, and these factors can be improved with good nutrition and regular physical activity.

Food as fuel

Proper nutrition and physical activity work together to support strength and energy levels in older adults. While regular physical activity--such as resistance training--helps maintain muscle mass and strength in older adults, this physical activity needs to be fueled by the right kinds of food! A healthy diet is needed to provide older adults with sufficient energy, and important nutrients like protein that help build muscle and maintain strength.

Super heroes and their super powers are on the screen and in the news. For older adults, there is “super power” in food! Share the following “How Nutrition Impacts Strength and Energy: The Super Power of Food” to help older adults learn more about how they can improve their strength and energy.


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Resources to use with this presentation


MyPlate for older adults
What is MyPlate for Older Adults

Combating frailty with proper nutrition

Frailty is an increasingly prevalent condition in the older adult population. It has been classified as a public health priority because it can increase an individual’s risk of poor health outcomes.2 Maintaining strength and energy in older adults through a healthy diet and physical activity is critical to aging more healthfully and combating frailty. Share the following “Frailty: A Concern for the Older Adult Population” to help older adults better understand frailty and the important role of nutrition.


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Screening tool used with this presentation:

The FRAIL questionnaire screening tool

Interactive learning





Additional Resources

Physical activity guide from the National Institute on Aging
Reimbursement coverage for oral nutrition supplements


  1. World report on ageing and health. World Health Organization web site. Published 2015. Accessed July 24, 2018.
  2. Cesari M, Prince M, Thiyagarajan JA, et al. Frailty: An Emerging Public Health Priority. J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2016;17(3):188-192.

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