October 5 - 11, 2020


Celebrating aging and the benefits of active living at any age, Active Aging Week showcases the capabilities of older adults as fully participating members of society. This campaign also spotlights role models that lead the way. Learn how you can join with thousands of Active Aging Week supporters to help change the way we age.


Waltonwood Providence

Tell us what you did during Active Aging Week to redefine the term "Active."

Our first event to kick off Active Aging Week was to demonstrate how we are actively aging while utilizing the environment category. We went to a local park for a scavenger hunt. We created the scavenger hunts before we got there and printed them out for everyone to use. We found EVERY item and then relaxed a little bit by the pond. We were then joined by some ducks and we had brought some bread to feed them. Our residents had such a relaxing time and even made new friends!